Gold Coin Grass

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For ages, Chinese have used herbs for treating serious ailments and restoring the natural flow of innate bodily energies. Jin Qian Cao, which is also known as gold coin grass (GCG), is one such Chinese medicinal plant that is known for its medicinal properties. The scientific name of this herb is Herba Lysimachiae. GCG is a green leafy plant that has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. This plant has a mild taste. Its leaves look similar to gold coins, hence the name.

What is GCG Used for

Various organs of our body get overworked by the accumulation of toxins that occurs due to the consumption of processed foods. Health problems arise when the vital organs such as the kidneys and liver are unable to perform their functions. While kidneys filter the waste products from blood and facilitate their disposal by way of urine, the liver breaks down metabolic waste, drugs, alcohol, ammonia, and chemicals. Unhealthy dietary habits and inadequate intake of fluids can put pressure on these organs, thereby making a person susceptible to medical conditions such as kidney stones and gallstones. Kidney stones form due to the crystallization of salts or chemicals in urine, whereas gallstones form due to elevated levels of bilirubin or cholesterol in bile. These conditions can cause excruciating pain. While surgery might be a necessity in severe cases, herbs such as GCG can be used to cleanse the liver.

GCG for Gallstones

This Chinese herb is not only used for liver cleanse, it might also prove beneficial for individuals who have been diagnosed with gallstones. Chinese herbal practitioners believe that use of this herb is a possible alternative to gallstone surgery. Rather than taking it in tablet form, it would be better to take this herb in tincture form. Its tincture is believed to be more effective in alleviating the symptoms of gallstones. It is believed that the tincture can crush and soften gallstones and kidney stones. However, one should not expect immediate results. The effects of this herbal treatment will be seen only after a couple of months after using this herb. The tincture is very effective for liver and gallbladder flush. This herb helps crush the stones into smaller pieces; however, medical intervention might be necessary for flushing out these stones from the body.

Though the use of this herb has not been associated with serious side effects, one could experience headaches, fever, or nausea. If one has an allergy towards plant-based foods, then it would be advisable to consume this herb after due consultation with one’s physician. It would be better to take the advice of your doctor before using this herb for liver or gallbladder cleanse.

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